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Happy Diwali Sms Marathi 2017: Latest Whatsapp Msg in Marathi | Greetings, Wishes, Status

This year Diwali will be celebrated on 20th October 2017 and people of Maharastra like to wish all the friends in Marathi Language. So here I will tell you all the Best Happy Diwali SMS Marathi 2017, Happy Diwali SMS in Marathi, Diwali 2017 whatsapp msg in Marathi, Marathi sms for Diwali 2017, Marathi message for Happy Diwali, Happy Diwali 2017 sms in Marathi, Diwali Wishes in Marathi, Diwali Greetings in Marathi, Diwali Marathi Status, Marathi Diwali greetings.

Let’s go for मराठी दिवाळी एसएमएस 2017 मध्ये आहे.

Some of the people must als be looking for Happy Diwali Whatsapp msg in Marathi, Diwali msg in Marathi, Marathi WhatsApp message for Diwali 2017, Diwali 2017 WhatsApp msg(message), Diwali wishes in Marathi, Whatsapp wishes for Diwali in Marathi.

Without any further delay, just checkout the latest Diwali wishes in Marathi for 2017.

Happy diwali message in Marathi

Happy diwali message in Marathi

Happy Diwali Sms Marathi 2017: Wishes, Status, Greetings

गणेशपूजा, लक्ष्मीपूजा, दीपपूजा दिवाळीला,
उधाण येवो आनंदाला, उत्साहाला, हर्षालहासाला,
वंदन करूया मनोभावे आज त्या मांगल्याला.
दिवाळीच्या अमाप शुभेच्छा…!

Punhā ēka navē varṣa,
punhā ēka navī āśā,
tumacyā kartutvālā punhā ēka navī diśā
navē svapna, navē kṣitīja,
sōbata mājhyā divāḷīcyā hārdika śubhēcchā!

लक्ष्मण देवियोनी उजाळली निशा गहिबुनी उमड,
नवी आसा हॉटेलाने सर्व सेवा पूर्ण केल्या आहेत,
दिवाळी चयी तुझे खाप छाप शुभेच्छा …
दिवाळी 2017 दिवाळी…!

दीन दीन दीवादी, गाई महिशी उवाडी,
इधा-पायथ जाऊ डे, बड़के राज येयू डी!
दीवालीचाय कठोर शुभचा …

Laksh Divyani Ujalali Nisha Ghevumi Navi Umed,
Navi Asha Hotil Purna Manatil Sarva Iccha,
Diwalichya Tumhala Khup Khup Subheccha,
Happy Diwali, God Bless You!

सुख, शांती, समाधन,
समृद्धि, ऐश्वर्या, आरोग्य,
प्रतिष्ठित किंवा सप्तरंगी दिवा
आपले जीवन मर्यादित आहे
दिवाळीच्या शुभेच्छा!

Pahila diwa lagel dari,
Sukhacha kiran yeil ghari;
Purn hovot tumcha sarv iccha,
Tumha sarvanna ”DIWALICHA” hardik-hardik shubhech!

Diwali Aai, Masti Chahi, Rangi Rangoli,
Deep Jalaye, Dhoom Dhadaka, Chhoda Phataka,
Jali Phuljadiyan, Sabko Bhaye, Advance “Happy Diwali !”
Dipavalichya Hardik Shubhechha!

Happy Diwali msg in Marathi 2017

Diwali sms in marathi

Diwali sms in marathi

India is a country of festivals, here are various festivals celebrated by various caste communities from time to time, Deepavali is the most loved of all the festivals. The festival of Deepas is the festival of joy and light called by many names like Diwali Diwali.

This festival is a major festival of Indian civilization. This season is an indicator of change. It has many religious beliefs associated with it, it is a festival of enthusiasm, glee, brotherhood, cleanliness and worship. This festival is celebrated annually by the new moon of Kartik month.

When and why the tradition of celebrating Deepawali is said: On this day, Raja Ramchandra of Ayodhya destroyed the Ravana of the tyrannical king of Lanka and cutting back the exile for fourteen years. As a symbol of his victory and the joy of coming, Ayodhya had published the city with ghee lamp.

Interactive snacks were distributed by displaying fireworks and fireworks indicating happiness. To remind the same day and to keep the struggle of always struggling against ignorance and injustice- Atrocities have to be done every day from that day onwards, every year, the residents of India celebrate their heartfelt joy by lighting a lamp and making sweet and exchanging their happiness. Are there.

Happy Diwali sms Marathi

Happy Diwali SMS Marathi 2017

On this day, Jain Tirthankar Lord Mahavir received Mahanirvana while giving a priceless life of Jainanya. Swami Dayanand also received Nirvana on this day. Hargobindji, the sixth Guru of Sikhism, was released from captivity, so people decorated the lamp.

The rainy season has ended, with the influence of the season till the arrival of Deepawali. The pink coolness starts to dissolve in the weather, on the sky, the quarry flies the lineal tunnel of the birds and its neal gives four feet to the noose. Floods are flooded in Mansarovar rivers of rivers and ponds have been clean and clear till this time.

In the nature, new fever and scab are coming. By taking the most inspiration, the people-garden also make their houses clean and colorful. Thus, nature starts preparing to celebrate Diwali by lighting the darkness of dirt like human society, both of which are preparatory shops and markets. The decoration and loneliness are visible.

The preparations begin for weeks before Deepawali is celebrated. Fifty-six days before, fruits and nuggets and sweet shops are attracted to buyers. Clay toys lamps Other types of sculptures come in picture making markets.

There are crowds of buyers at fireworks and fireworks stalls. Khaye, Betsheet toys are made and bought sweets, the markets are decorated like brides to sell them. On Deepawali’s night, the atmosphere of homes and shops from the smallest children of light and light kids rises completely.

New clothes are sewn for Deepawali, sweet dishes are made, Lakshmi’s worship in the house-house, exchange of auspicious wishes and sweetness is done. Traders start new book accounts with Laxmi Puja, thus Deepawali is the festival of happiness and light. Some gestures such as playing gambling, drinking alcohol, and even selfish people have tied up with this sacred festival, be aware of the Diwali being among them that can make the festival enjoyable.

I hope you really liked all these Diwali Messages in Marathi and send them to your friends and family!

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