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100+ Happy Diwali GIF for Whatsapp: New Diwali 2017 Gif Download for WhatsApp

The biggest festival of India i.e. Diwali is here and you must be all set to wish all your friends and family. In order to send greetings to your WhatsApp contacts, you must be searching about happy Diwali giffor WhatsApp, Diwali animation download, Diwali gif video, Happy Diwali gif download, Diwali animation videos, Diya images for drawing, Download Happy Diwali gif 2017, Happy Diwali gifs WhatsApp, Diwali Gifs 2017, Diwali Whatsapp gif, Diwali gif for facebook, Diwali gif for friends, Gif for WhatsApp on Diwali 2017.

So without any further ado, let’s get started with these amazing gifs for Diwali 2017.


happy diwali gif for friends

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Happy Diwali Gif for WhatsApp Download To wish Friends & Family

Happy diwali gif for whatsapp

Happy diwali gif for whatsapp

Happy diwali gif 2017

Happy Diwali gif 2017

shubh diwali gif

shubh diwali gif

Diwali gif for whatsapp

Diwali gif for whatsapp

diwali animation dowload

diwali animation download

Happy Diwali Gif

Happy Diwali Gif

happy diwali funny gif

Happy Diwali funny gif

Diwali funny gif

Diwali funny gif

Diwali gif laxmi puja

Diwali gif laxmi puja

Happy Diwali Gif for friends

Happy Diwali Gif for friends

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Happy Diwali Dp for Whatsapp

Bhai Dooj SMS and Images

About Happy Diwali gif for Whatsapp and Celebrating Diwali 2017

The celebration of Deepavali, the festival of Hindus, lasted for 5 days. In South India and North India, this festival is celebrated in different days and ways.

Narak¬†Chaturshi is a special significance of the day before Diwali in South India. The festival celebrated on this day is the most prominent day of South India’s Diwali festival, whereas in North India this festival is of 5 days, starting from Dhanteras, on the death of Bhai Duj, by the hell catcher, main festival Diwali, Govardhan Puja it happens. Let’s learn briefly about these five days.¬†

However, you can also use happy Diwali if for whatsapp download, Happy diwali gif 2017 for WhatsApp, happy Diwali gif 2017 whatsapp.

Due to the celebration of Diwali in every province or region, there are different ways, but this festival has been going on for many generations in all places. People are very excited about Diwali. People clean the corners of their houses, wear new clothes. The gifts of sweets are shared by each other, they meet each other.

Beautiful royal colors are made in the house-to-house, these are burnt and fireworks are made. All of the big ones participate in this festival. This festival is a special festival celebrated in both collective and personal manner, which has religious, cultural and social exclusivity. This festival of light of light on darkness spreads the message of joy, brotherhood, and love in society.

Happy Diwali Whatsapp GIf 2017 Download

This Diwali preparations start from Diwali many days before and after a few days of Diwali, because the children wait for the year of this special festival. The children of the house also become children in this festival along with the children and they also support them in fulfilling their every stubbornness. This festival is not as special as it is one of the specially celebrated festivals in our country. The festival of Diwali is also very special and important.

And this is the festival in which the children also have special care. If there is an accident on this happy occasion, there is a disorder in color, and due to this it results in physical harm and mental trauma, the responsibilities of protecting children at home are entirely on the parents and the elderly. , Then try to keep your responsibility in good order by keeping some simple precautions.

So these precautions will surely help to checkout Happy Diwali GIf for Whatsapp download, Diwali 2017 gif, Diwali Whatsapp gif, WhatsApp Diwali gif 2017, Happy Diwali gif for WhatsApp 2017, Diwali Gif for 2017 for WhatsApp, Happy Diwali gif for facebook, Diwali gif for facebook.

Children on Diwali are very excited for fireworks, in such a situation that by seeing you busy in some work they can not be patient and leave alone fireworks. So settle all your work before the evening and stay with them at the time of fireworks. They will be even happier as well as safe with you as well.

Give the children crackers and burn them with them on a ground or some open space. Use a flat and open space to burn pomegranate or chalky especially. If a spark falls apart from the fly, then there is less chance of a serious accident.

When children burn firecrackers, keep in mind that after touching crackers, they are washing hands well or not. The firecrackers’ ammunition damages the skin by touching the skin, eyes or mouth; its side effects are often on the delicate skin of the children, so children should not touch the dough directly as much as possible and after burning firecrackers, essentially Wash hands with soap.

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