Shivani Durgah Bigg Boss 11: Biography, Wiki, Profession Age, Height - BIGG Reality Show

Shivani Durgah Bigg Boss 11: Biography, Wiki, Profession Age, Height

India is a holy country and we have a lot of Sadhus. Similar to the last year when Swami Om joined Bigg Boss 10, this year we have Sshivani Durgah who is a women sadhu.

Sshivani Dugrah has come to Bigg Boss 11 as a commoners contestant where she will be living without 17 contestants in the house.

Sshivani durga

Sshivani durga

She has already started getting attention because of her looks as she dresses like a sadhu all the time and has long dreaded hairs.

I have been following her even before she came on Bigg Boss 11. So, Today I will tell you some of the hidden facts about her which you would never find anywhere on the internet.

Who is Sshivvani Durgah?

Shivani durgah

Shivani durgah

Sshivani Durgah is a 41-year-old women who perform who has a huge reputation in the spiritual society of India.

She is majorly known for performing ‘Tantrik Vidya’ but for a good cause. People call her ‘Aghor Tantrik  Shivani Durga

Most of the people in India think that Tantriks are bad and they only curse other people but there is also another side of tantriks where they do things for the betterment of the people.

She has a huge fan following on Youtube and Facebook because of her good deed towards society.

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Early Life of Sshivani Durgah

Sshivani was born in Ambala and shifted to Alwar when she was 4 years old. She had a very tough life, more than what you can even imagine.

If you want to know her complete story then keep reading. 🙂

Her father was a great and known music artist who has worked even with Pancham ji. Her mother was a principal of a school. But his father had extramarital affairs due to which her mother committed suicide by consuming poison.

Her mother was a principal of a school. But his father had extramarital affairs due to which her mother committed suicide by consuming poison. At this time Sshivani was just 11 years old.

Then her father married that women and then Sshivani was thrown out of Bigg Boss house and she was 13 years at that time. She used to live in a hostel in Alwar but after sometime she didn’t receive any money from her father. Then she had to leave the hostel and live in a rented room.

Since she was from a musicians family, she was good at music. So then she started giving music classes to kids so as to meet her daily expenses. She lived in Jaipur for 1 year and then moved to Mumbai in 1995.

By now, her father stopped meeting her but her ‘dadi’ was good. She gave Sshivani a Bhagwad Gita and told her this would help her in tough times. Also, She has been seeing tantriks and sadhu from very small age because her family was very spiritual. From then she started showing interest in spiritual things.

Since, there were not many studies about spirituality in India, she started studying Voodo which is a study of the western world.

While she was in Mumbai, she tried getting some work like giving music class and she got side roles in small serials like ‘Reporter’, ‘Oo Maria’ etc.

She got married in 1996 with a person in Mumbai. She got a huge setback when she got to know about the reality of her husband. Her husband told that he is a movie director but in reality he was a criminal and had many police cases on him.

She was shattered completely.

Then she got in contact of Tantrik Vidya and then slowly she moved into this stream. Later, she completed Ph.D. in Voodoo from Chicago University and took the divorce to leave her home in 2013.

Now she lives alone in Mumbai and her daughter(21 years) lives with her father. Her daughter was born in 1996, just after 1 year of the marriage.

Now, her only motive is to spread a good message about Tantr vidya all over the world and she is pretty successful in that.

Shivani Durga Biography

Name Sshivani Durga
Date of Birth Born in 1976
Age 41 Years
Hometown Alwar
Current Home Mumbai
Height 5″6′
Nationality Indian
Hobbies Reading, Traveling
Marital Status Divorce

Shivani Durga Life Achievements

Shivani Durgah is a very educated and reputed person in her field.

She holds a Ph.D. in Karmkanda from Chicago University, USA.

Sshivani Durga is the founder of Sarveshwari Shakti women Akhara and IWCVT – Indian Wiccan Community and Vodou Temple.

She has also been awarded as “Tarot Queen of Cups” by Bharat Nirman and “Outstanding Professionalism” by GTN.

Shivani Durga Social Media Profiles

Sshivani Durgah Profession



So this is it for Sshivani Durga Wiki and Biography for today.

Do comment below if you will save her during voting or not.

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