Puneesh and Bandagi kissed in Bigg Boss Show! See These Images - BIGG Reality Show

Puneesh and Bandagi kissed in Bigg Boss Show! See These Images

Puneesh and Bandagi kissed in Bigg Boss Show! See These Images

Love is growing in the Big Boss house. On one hand, where the tampering between Arshi and Hiten continues. On the other hand, Punish and Bandagi are completely in love with each other.

Puneesh Sharma and Bandagi Kalra, the Big Boss 11 contestants, crossed the limit this time. Knowing that they are a part of a show on National Television. Both are also aware that there is a camera in every corner of the house, yet they did such a thing which after watching them not only their families but also you will be uncomfortable.

puneesh bandagi kiss

Puneesh Bandagi kiss

On the night of the house, the lights of the house came on the beds of Punish and Bandagi. Both of them spoke romantically for a while Punish said that he got stuck in his love.

Among their loveable talks, Punish requested to kiss her for which the Bandgi agreed. Immediately after the Kiss, Bandagi told Punish that he had gone crazy.

It is worth mentioning that Sapna Chaudhary has revealed to Priyank that Punish himself has told that he is using bandagi for the show.

While coming out of the show, Jyoti Kumari also claimed that Love Story of Punish and Bandgi is just a play/fun. In the same episode, Salman Khan also pointed out that even after the lakhs of efforts, the close proximity of Punish-Bandi is fading ahead of development-Shilpa’s fights. Perhaps this is both Bandgi and Punish, so knowingly they are intimate.

punish bandagi

It is worth mentioning that after the return of Priyank Sharma, the limelight has become overwhelming. Together with Punish, Priyank is also growing closer. One of the hallmarks was seen when Priyank asked him to put lotions on his back. Surprisingly, Priyank’s ‘help’ could also go on even when the Punish was present in the washroom. But the bandagi waited for him to leave from there and then applied the cream on Priyanks body.

 priyank bandagi

At the same time, according to the media reports, before the show, the bandagi kalra wedding was decided with Kalra’s boyfriend Dennis Nagpal. But Dennis has given a gesture of a break-up after being unhappy with her close proximity to Punish in the show.

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