OMG!! Deepak Thakur supporters run a bike rally - BIGG Reality Show

OMG!! Deepak Thakur supporters run a bike rally

OMG!! Deepak Thakur supporters run a bike rally
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The Most Popular TV reality show Bigg Boss is heading towards its final stage. Only a week left in the show’s finale. In such a house, Surbhi, Somi, Deepak, Romil, Karanvir, Sreesanth and Dipika are left. It is believed that in the episode of tonight, Somi Khan will have to pack up his luggage. But in the midst of this, tell you that his fans have come down on the streets about Deepak Thakur …

Deepak Thakur is a Bhojpuri singer who arrived as a show on the show. He had entered the house with his fan Urvashi Vani. Urvashi has been out of the show long ago, but the lamp still remains in the house with its exploits. He has come at this point and has joined the top 5 of the show.

Deepak Thakur has been entertaining the audience of Bigg Boss since the beginning and from time to time, he sang songs made by himself at home. In which sometimes Salman is praised and has ever pulled a member of the house. Deepak Thakur has seen everyone playing in the house together.

At the same time, during the show, Deepak Thakur does not sleep in the love of Contestant Somi Khan. He himself had admitted to the show that he was very passionate and he was looking for such a girl to get married, since then Deepak Thakur had to constantly troll through Somi Khan inside and outside the show.

Before the last weekend, Salman Khan had talked about the show through a video call from Deepak’s family and for some days Deepak’s father had come to meet his son in the show. During this time the household members of the other members also came to the show. But let us tell you that Deepak Thakur sees such popularity that he can become the winner of Big Boss.

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