Dus Ka Dum Registration 2018: 10 Ka Dum Audition Process - BIGG Reality Show

Dus Ka Dum Registration 2018: 10 Ka Dum Audition Process

10 Ka Dum Registration: The trend of Reality TV shows in India is at its peak. Every now and then we get to see a new reality show coming up with an amazing concept.

But there are a few tv shows which we remember for the longtime like KBC, BiggBoss, Roadies etc. One such TV show which was abandoned for years is 10 Ka Dum. Yes, You heard it right.

Remember the quiz show where Salman Khan used to ask the questions from the contestants and the winner would get the prize money.

So after 9 years, SonyLiv channel is reviving 10KaDum TV show and it will be hosted by non-other than Salman Khan. And Here we will give you all the information regarding Dus Ka Dum Registration, DusKaDum Auditions, Dus Ka Dum apply process, DusKaDum registration 2018, DusKaDum start date and much more.

What is DusKaDum (10KaDum)?

Dus Ka Dum Registration

Dus Ka Dum Registration

The Dus Ka Dum is a reality TV show based on a quiz where contestants compete amongst each other.

10 Ka Dum is based upon a popular international show ‘Power of 10’.  In this show, Salman asks various questions from the contestants whose answers are to be given in % range between 0 to 100%. The range of the answer narrows as the prize money increases.

Here is an example to give you a better insight:

  1. Rs. 10,000 question: 40% range
  2. Rs. 100,000 question: 30% range
  3. Rs. 1,000,000 question: 20% range
  4. Rs. 10,000,000 question: 10% range (answer won’t be shown even if one answers correctly)
  5. Rs. 100,000,000 question: One has to pick a number

However, in the 5th poll, the question is the same one for 100,000,000 i.e. question 4, but the contestant has to pick the number from the range you have selected in the previous correct answer.

Moreover, In the year 2008 and 2009, Salman Khan hosted two seasons of this show, however, it didn’t continue later on. But, Now Sony Liv channel is starting up again and this time they are planning to make it a huge success.

Dus Ka Dum Registration and Audition Process 2018

I know you must be early waiting to get on the show with Salman Khan but for that, you need to go through a complete registration and audition process.

Dus Ka Dum Registration Start Date: 18th March 2018

In order to register for 10 Ka Dum, you need to fill the form on Sony Liv Mobile App.

Steps to Register for 10 Ka Dum 2018:

1. Download Sony Liv App. Android | iOS

2. Register on the app in order to fill 10KaDum survey.

3. Now, You will get an OTP link where further information like Name, Age and state will be collected.

You can read about the terms and conditions of the show here.

10 Ka Dum Audition Dates

Phase 1
Kolkata13th & 14th April 2018
Delhi17th & 18th April 2018
Indore21st & 22nd April 2018
Mumbai25th & 26th April 2018
Phase 2
Mumbai25h & 26th May 2018

There will be two phases of the audition process. 1st one is the common state wise audition where people from all over the state come to get shortlisted for the 2nd phase.

The ground events to be held in 2 phases to shortlist contestants for the show. The first phase to be held across 4 cities Kolkata, Delhi, Indore and Mumbai and the second phase to be held in Mumbai.

In the 1st season 10 Ka Dum, most common people were invited to the show however, in the 2nd season mostly celebrities were invited to play the quiz. But this year, Mostly Common people of India will be invited to the show, thus increasing your chances to get on the show along with Salman Khan.

So, This is it for 10 Ka Dum 2018 Registration and Audition details. We will keep you updated with the latest information from internal sources of the show.

Also, Make sure to click on the ‘Red Bell‘ icon to increase your chances to meet Salman Khan on the show of Dus Ka Dum 2018.

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