Dhinchak Pooja Confirms being Approached by Bigg Boss 11 Team - BIGG Reality Show

Dhinchak Pooja Confirms being Approached by Bigg Boss 11 Team

You must be knowing about Dhinchak Pooja, who has recently come into limelight because of her mind-blowing songs on Youtube.

Even a few days ago we gave you information about Dhinchak Pooja being approached by Bigg Boss 11. Even recently, all the videos of Dhinchak Pooja has been deleted from Youtube.

But you would be really amazed to know that Dhinchak Pooja accepted that Bigg Boss team approached her.dhinchak-pooja

In an interview to Daily Bhaskar, Pooja confirmed that she was indeed approached for the biggest reality show ‘Bigg Boss 11‘. So, Continue Reading to know more about this.

On the interview, she said “Yes, I was approached. But they said ki apko select kar sakte hain. Abhi kuch final nahi hua hai.”

This means that she could be one of the contestants of Bigg Boss 11.

Pooja on her New Song

On the interview, she also mentioned about her new song “Bapu Dede Thoda Cash”. Actually, she has released the audio of it. And trust me the song is very lame, behad ghatiya prakar ka song hai. It is similar to all the previous songs which themselves are like shit.

Her songs are so great that she didn’t even show here likes and dislikes and also the comments are disabled. This clearly shows how people react to her videos. But still we all need some waste in our lives and I believe she is the one. Just Kidding. 😀dhinchak pooja bigg boss contestants

That being said, some people even like her as she even has more than 2 lakh subscribers. This shows that there are a huge number of assholes in India. Jinko bas bakchodi pasand. And that’s what is being served to them by our Internet Sexation “Dickchat Pooja”.

You might have heard her songs but there is nothing bad in that. It a general human tendency to know what cooking under the hood.

Now let’s have a look at few of the rant videos about Dhinchak Pooja. Trust me this is ‘Epic’.

Dhinchak Pooja and Tahir Shah

Have you heard about Tahir Shah? If not then you are blessed by the grace of God.

He is another internet sensation who has written and sang some of the worst songs of the century. No wonder why she is being compared to him 😀dhinchak and tahir shah

The biggest credit for such a huge recognization of these so called celebrites goes to our Media. They are always in search of some C-D-E-F graded content so that they can add up some spices to it and sell it like hot cookies to a Billion of Indian Audience.

But the harsh truth is ‘yhi chalta hai’.

That all for today, soon we might see Dhincha Pooja in Bigg Boss 11 House and maybe she could become a winner aswell, Kyoki anhoni kabhi bhi ho skti h 😀

So, That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading it and do keep coming back to Biggbosslive.in as here you will get the latest updates about Bigg Boss 11.

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