Shivani Durga has come out of the house with Big Disclosures & Said – ‘Eliminate’ due to Swami Om

In the October 15 episode of Big Boss Season 11, Shivani Durga was shown the way out of the house. Before them, Contestant Jubair Khan and Priyank Sharma have been taken out of the house.

Shivani Durga Periyan could survive within two weeks. What do you think he considers the root cause of being homeless from his own house?

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Let me tell you that Shivani is not out of the house because of not doing his job or underperforming him. He believes that he was doing a lot of good work inside the house and he had made quite a good tuning with all the contests. Contestant Swami Om, who was part of the previous season, was behind him being taken out of the house.

According to Bollywood Life’s report, Shivani said in an interview with Bombay Times: “I do not think I have done anything wrong. The thing is just that I come from Sage-Saint society and Swami Om, who is part of the last season of Big Boss, has badly damaged the image of this society.

People are constantly comparing me to Swami Om and eventually, I suffered losses. I was neither a celebrity nor an entertainer, so people could not connect myself to me. But it was all about to be like this. Shivani said, “I knew from the beginning that I had to go out of the house that day. He said in the conversation – I do not have any fanbase nor any PR team who is staying outside the house and supporting me.

He said in the conversation – I do not have any fanbase nor any PR team who is staying outside the house and supporting me.

Shivani said – When I was nominated, I knew that I have limited time now to stay inside the house and I decided to spend it positively. That was the reason I stayed inside the house and composed that song. I thought the audience should see one of my positive sides.

After coming out of the house, Shivani also highlighted many new rajas inside the house. He said that the affair between the Bande and Punish in the house is fake and they did not have any black magic to silence Shilpa’s anger against development. He said that although the show is not scripted many fights inside the house are meant to increase TRP.

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