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Zubair Khan Bigg Boss 11: Wiki, Biography, Personal Details, Age, Height

Zubair Khan: Wiki, Biography, Personal Details, Age, Height

Hey, Friends, looking on information about Zubair Khan? Who is Jyoti Kumari? Here we will answer each and each question regarding Zubair Khan. Before we get starting you need to know few things about Bigg Boss 11, the first thing is that in Biss Boss 11 there is one more streamline is added to make the show more interesting and that is ‘Padosi’. So, in Biss Boss 11 we have got total three categories of peoples and they are Commoners, Celebrity, and Padosi. So, without wasting time let’s get started with the Bigg Boss 11 most violent contestant in the house.

In the Introduction episode of Bigg Boss 11, Zubair Khan introduced himself as a person who has a connection with the underworld. No, guys, you don’t have to worry about this thing. Just enjoy the story of his life. He is the son-in-law of Dawood Ibrahim‚Äôs sister Haseena Parkar.

Yes, you caught it correctly, the same bold and strong lady Haseena Parkar on which Shraddha Kapoor. portrayed a role on her life. Haseena Parkar managed his underworld empire in Mumbai after don Dawood Ibrahim flees India after serial blasts in Mumbai.

He said instead of his connection with underworld family he himself made his name and fame in his life. He also directed and produced the Bollywood film Lakeer Ka Fakeer in which¬†Azaj Khan was in the lead role. He also runs a production house with the name of ‘Garbage’ and for your kind information Hasina Parkar movie was the latest movie which is produced under the banner of ‘Garbage production house’.

Zubair Khan’s Career:

According to reports are coming out, Zubair worked as an executive producer with Balaji Telefilms. He also produces some of the other projects also.

Before coming to the show he has cleared that he no longer connected with the underworld and don’t have any relationship with any of the person of the Dawood Ibrahim family.

Zubair Khan Wife/Marriage:

Zubair Khan is married to Haseena Parkar’s daughter and has two children. Zubair is apparently claiming to be married to Qudsia.

Zubair Khan: Wiki, Biography, Personal Details, Age, Height

Zubair Khan Biography:

Name Zubair Khan
Date of Birth 25 August 1987
Age 30 Years
Hometown Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Current Home Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Height 5″8′
Nationality Indian
Hobbies Watching movies, Travelling
Marital Status Married

Zubair Khan Bigg Boss 11 News:

The Fresh reports are coming out that Bigg Boss¬†11 contestant¬†Zubair Khan¬†is not related to Haseena Parkar. According to a report, Zubair has been making false claims to get the attention of the public.¬†Not only this, Haseena Parkar’s family has taken offense to the tall claims made by the contestant and wants to take action against him by filing a FIR.

Here are the other contestants of Bigg Boss 11:

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Shivani Durgah Bigg Boss 11: Biography, Wiki, Profession Age, Height

India is a holy country and we have a lot of Sadhus. Similar to the last year when Swami Om joined Bigg Boss 10, this year we have Sshivani Durgah who is a women sadhu.

Sshivani Dugrah has come to Bigg Boss 11 as a commoners contestant where she will be living without 17 contestants in the house.

Sshivani durga

Sshivani durga

She has already started getting attention because of her looks as she dresses like a sadhu all the time and has long dreaded hairs.

I have been following her even before she came on Bigg Boss 11. So, Today I will tell you some of the hidden facts about her which you would never find anywhere on the internet.

Who is Sshivvani Durgah?

Shivani durgah

Shivani durgah

Sshivani Durgah is a 41-year-old women who perform who has a huge reputation in the spiritual society of India.

She is majorly known for performing ‘Tantrik Vidya’ but for a good cause. People call her ‘Aghor Tantrik¬† Shivani Durga

Most of the people in India think that Tantriks are bad and they only curse other people but there is also another side of tantriks where they do things for the betterment of the people.

She has a huge fan following on Youtube and Facebook because of her good deed towards society.

Bigg Boss 11 Winner Prize Details

Early Life of Sshivani Durgah

Sshivani was born in Ambala and shifted to Alwar when she was 4 years old. She had a very tough life, more than what you can even imagine.

If you want to know her complete story then keep reading. ūüôā

Her father was a great and known music artist who has worked even with Pancham ji. Her mother was a principal of a school. But his father had extramarital affairs due to which her mother committed suicide by consuming poison.

Her mother was a principal of a school. But his father had extramarital affairs due to which her mother committed suicide by consuming poison. At this time Sshivani was just 11 years old.

Then her father married that women and then Sshivani¬†was thrown out of Bigg Boss house and she was 13 years at that time. She used to live in a hostel in Alwar but after sometime she didn’t receive any money from her father.¬†Then she had to leave the hostel and live in a rented room.

Since she was from a musicians family, she was good at music. So then she started giving music classes to kids so as to meet her daily expenses. She lived in Jaipur for 1 year and then moved to Mumbai in 1995.

By now, her father stopped meeting her but her ‘dadi’ was good. She gave Sshivani a Bhagwad Gita and told her this would help her in tough times. Also, She has been seeing tantriks and sadhu from very small age because her family was very spiritual. From then she started showing interest in spiritual things.

Since, there were not many studies about spirituality in India, she started studying Voodo which is a study of the western world.

While she was in Mumbai, she tried getting some work like giving music class and she got side roles in small serials like ‘Reporter’, ‘Oo Maria’ etc.

She got married in 1996 with a person in Mumbai. She got a huge setback when she got to know about the reality of her husband. Her husband told that he is a movie director but in reality he was a criminal and had many police cases on him.

She was shattered completely.

Then she got in contact of Tantrik Vidya and then slowly she moved into this stream. Later, she completed Ph.D. in Voodoo from Chicago University and took the divorce to leave her home in 2013.

Now she lives alone in Mumbai and her daughter(21 years) lives with her father. Her daughter was born in 1996, just after 1 year of the marriage.

Now, her only motive is to spread a good message about Tantr vidya all over the world and she is pretty successful in that.

Shivani Durga Biography

Name Sshivani Durga
Date of Birth Born in 1976
Age 41 Years
Hometown Alwar
Current Home Mumbai
Height 5″6′
Nationality Indian
Hobbies Reading, Traveling
Marital Status Divorce

Shivani Durga Life Achievements

Shivani Durgah is a very educated and reputed person in her field.

She holds a Ph.D. in Karmkanda from Chicago University, USA.

Sshivani Durga is the founder of Sarveshwari Shakti women Akhara and IWCVT ‚Äď Indian Wiccan Community and Vodou Temple.

She has also been awarded as ‚ÄúTarot Queen of Cups‚ÄĚ by Bharat Nirman and ‚ÄúOutstanding Professionalism‚ÄĚ by GTN.

Shivani Durga Social Media Profiles

Sshivani Durgah Profession



So this is it for Sshivani Durga Wiki and Biography for today.

Do comment below if you will save her during voting or not.

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Manveer Gurjar Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriend [All Details]

Hey Guys, Are you interested in knowing about Manveer Gurjar? Do you want to know how he became the star of India? Are you keen to know about Manveer Gurjar Wiki? Do you want to know Age, Height, Girlfriends and other personal details about Bigg Boss 11 winner Manveer Gurjar Biography?

Here in this post I will give you all the information regarding Manveer Gurjar Wikipedia who won Bigg Boss season 10. First of all let me tell you that, Manveer was not a star, he was just a common man who went into Bigg Boss though Auditions and became the winner of Bigg Boss 10 which was hosted by Salman Khan. Soon, Bigg Boss 11 will be live and we can have more enjoyment.

Manveer Gurjar Wiki

Manveer Gurjar was born in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India on 13 June 1987 (Age 30 Years). By profession he is a Farmer cum businessman and lives in Noida itself.

He came to Bigg Boss 10 in Common man entry auditions and won the show by defeating all other contestants.

manveer gurjar wiki

manveer gurjar wiki

Manveer has a very stuburn and dominant nature and can get his work done by hook or by crook. He is know for his good thoughts towards our country and is a true patriot.

Not only this, Manveer Gurjar had a huge fan following over social media as soon as he got on the show. His way of talking and dealing with people was loved by viewers of Bigg Boss 10.

He had around 18,000 followers on his Twitter Account.

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Manveer Gurjar Biography, Age, Height

Have a look at all the details about Manveer Gurjar wiki and Biography.

Name – Manveer Kumar Baisoya (aka Manveer Gurjar)
Date of Birth – 13th June 1987
Age – 31 Years
Birth Place – Noida, U.P.
Hobbies – Gymming, Wrestling
Height- 6 feet and 1 inches
Favorite Star- Salman Khan
Profession – Farmer, Dairy owner

manveer big-boss 10 winner

manveer big-boss 10 winner

Manveer Gurjar Height and Weight

Being a Muscular man, Height and weight of Manveer is more than an average India. This is a generally tendency of mostly all the Gurjar in India.

Height in centimeter ‚Äď 185 cm
Height in Feet ‚Äď 6‚Äô 1‚ÄĚ
Weight¬†‚Äď 78 kg

Manveer Gurjar Wiki & Personal Profile

Have a quick look on all the personal information about manveer that you would not get anywhere easily. I had tried my best to give you all the information about the same.

Horoscope ‚Äď Gemini
College ‚Äď Delhi University
Educational Qualification ‚Äď Graduate
Nationality ‚Äď Indian

Manveer Gurjar Wife, Family

Manveer lives in a joint family with a members of around 49. He is from a typical Gurjar Family of Noida and their every family lives together.

Manveer is not married yet and their are no information about his girlfriends. He has many people in his family including his Father, Mother, Brother etc. So, here you will get all the information regarding him.

Father ‚Äď Unknown
Mother ‚Äď Bala (Homemaker)
Siblings ‚Äď Anup Gurjar (Brother)
Girlfriends ‚Äď No details
Marital Status ‚Äď Unmarried

manveer gurjar Biography

After talking to the family members under Manveer Gurjar Wiki, we got to know that he was very good at studies from the very beginning but on the same time he used to fight a lot. Just like any Gurjar Boy, he had a good muscular body and would fight anyone who comes in his way.

Though he is a nice guy but he has low temperament and would beat or fight with others.

Manveer Gurjar Video on Bigg Boss 11

Here is a new video by Manveer gurjar which he upload a few days ago, telling the Bigg Boss 11 aspirants about Audition process etc.


If you want to go to Bigg Boss 11 checkout our 2 article:

Some Facts about Manveer Gurjar Wikipedia

Manveer Gurjar has been a good student from childhood and had passed his 12th. Then he went to Delhi University college to complete his Graduation as well as have some fun.

After completing his college he joined his family business of Dairy and Farming. He also has the work of collecting rents from the people to who they had lend their land.

Manveer Gurjar Age Wiki

This is very common in Noida as Gurjars had most of the land for farming but then started lending it to IT companies inorder to earn easy money. That’s why Gurjars have a lot of Fortuners and other big cars. Just Kidding but it’s true ūüėÄ

  • Manveer likes to go to Gym regularly
  • He generally dress up very well
  • Manveer often spend time with his friends
  • He loves to play wrestling and Kabaddi
  • His prime motto is ‚ÄėDon‚Äôt stop. Keep Moving‚Äô.

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I hope by now, you must have got all the information about Manveer Gurjar Biography, Manveer Gurjar Wiki, wikipedia, Height, Age, Family, Girlfriend and other things.

Ashutosh Kaushik Wiki, Bigg Boss 2 Winner: Biography, Age, Wife

Ashutosh Kaushik Wiki: Hey! guys hope you are interested in knowing about Ashutosh Kaushik who was not only Bigg Boss 2 and Rodies 5 winner but has also become TV and Silver Screen Sensation after then.

Ashutosh Kaushik is motivation and inspiration for all those small town people who aspire big dreams.

Ashutosh Kaushik wiki

Coming from a middle class family and earning a living through a small dhaba didn’t let his passion die. He was longing to participate in Roadies and finally made it in Hero Honda¬†Rodies Season 5¬†in 2007 and won the season and got winning amount of Rs 1crore along with a Hero Honda Bike .

Thereafter he was called for Bigg Boss Season 2 which was hosted by Shilpa Shetty and won the show. His simplicity and straight forwardness won the hearts of people in and outside Bigg Boss house. This show was aired in 2008 after the Bigg Boss 1 which was won by Rahul Roy.

Ashutosh Kaushik Wiki

He was born in Saharanpur District of UP on 2nd oct in 1979 in a middle class family. Ashutosh used to run a Dhaba for a living and after becoming a reality star and becoming a model turned actor his family now owns a Jeweler Shop in Saharanpur and for Ashutosh, he is accelerating his career in Bollywood.

He started his career in Bollywood with movie Kismat Love Paisa Dilli and Zilla GhaziabaD. Not only this but he also tried his acting skills in small screen shows.

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Ashutosh Kaushik Bollywood Career

Ashutosh Wiki cannot not be completed with his bollywood career. After winning both the shows, he tried his luck in Bollywood as well as Tv Shows. He has got some recognisation in the industry but till now have not done any blockbuster.

Ashutosh Kaushik Lal rang movie

  • Chal Jaa Bapu – 2016
  • Laal Rang¬†– 2016
  • Love ke Funday – 2016
  • Pitamah – 2016
  • Zila Ghaziabad¬†– 2013
  • Bhadaas – 2013
  • Shortcut Romeo – 2013
  • Kismat Love Paisa Dilli – 2012

Silver Screen Shows

As I already told, that Ashutosh has a bug to get famous and he isvery hard working as well. Hence, he was successful in getting in to a few TV shows.

Ashutosh Kaushik bigg boss 2 winner

Have a look at all the TV show or the Small screen shoots he did till now.

Show NameTV ChannelPosition
Roadies 5.0Mtv Winner
Bigg Boss Season 2Colors TVWinner
Kitchen Champion Season-2Colors TVContestant
Desi GirlsNDTV imagineParticipant
Rahul Dulhaniya Le JayengeNDTV imagineParticipant
Comedy Circus- Chinchpokli to ChinaSony TVContestant
Savdhaan IndiaLife OkHost

Ashutosh Kaushik Wife, Girlfriends

Ashutosh Kaushik fell in love with Delhi-Based Model and fellow Rodies contestent Sonal Singh. The relationship ran in an on-again-off-again mode for four years but later Ashutosh Kaushik himself admitted that he was single during one of his visit to Delhi in 2011.

Ashutosh kaushik girlfriend

Ashutosh Kaushik Bio, Age

Here are some quick details about Ashutosh Kaushik Biography. Just have a look:

Name: Ashutosh Kaushik
Hometown: Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
Occupation: Actor
Date Of Birth: October 2nd, 1979
Height: 6 Inches
Marital Status: Single

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So, This was all about Ashutosh Kaushik who win Bigg Boss 2 and is currently doing good in life. I hope you liked this post about Ashuktosh Kaushki Wiki, Bigg Boss 2 Winner, Bigg Boss Winner.

Rahul Roy Wiki Bigg Boss Winner: Biography, Age, Height etc

Hey Guys, You must remember Rahul Roy who was the Winner of Bigg Boss 1? Rahul was one of the very famous actors of 90’s in Indian Film Industry. I bet you would surely remember ‘Aashiqui’ movie of 1990. So the bell rang right. Here I will tell you about Rahul Roy Wiki, Biography and other things related to him.

Rahul won Bigg Boss 1 which was hosted by Arshad Warsi in the year 2006. He was given the title of Bigg Boss Winner and also received a huge cash prize of 1 crore. So, Here in this post will try to over some unseen facts and points about Rahul Roy Wiki.

rahul roy wiki

Bigg Boss has a really different concept which was never tried in India. Although it was a copy of Bigg Brother TV show, it did really well and got huge TRP’s.

Rahul Roy Wiki

Rahul Roy was born on 9¬†February 1968 and started his acting career with the blockbuster movie ‘Aashiqui‘. Mahesh Bhatt produced and directed this movie and it was an instant hit. Rahul Roy became an overnight sensation because of his amazing acting and long hairs. He was the first actor of that age to act in a movie with long hair which was widely loved the the audience.

The best part of that movie was the songs which took the world by a storm. After that Rahul Roy did many more movies but not all of them were hit.

Rahul Roy Personal Life

Rahul Roy was born in Kolkata and spend his childhood there itself. He did hi schooling from the famous Lawrence school, Sanwawar. His maternal uncle, Cory Walia is a famous man in tinsel town and the fashion industry in India. This is how he knew about Film Industry and tried his hand into Modeling.

He started doing modelling shows regularly until, Mahesh Bhatt gave him a brake in ‘Aashiqui’ movie in 1990.

Rahul Roy married Rajalakshmi Khanvilkar in the year 2000. She was a famous Model in at those times. On July 26th, 2014, Rahul and Rajalakshmi filed a divorce. Their were rumors that Rahul is seeing someone else at that time.


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Rahul Roy Acting Career

After his debut in the year 1990 with the movie ‘Aashqui’, Rahul did many other films but many of them were flops.

Moreover, talking about Rahul Roy acting career, he has been honored with the life time membership award of the International Film and Television Club of Asian Academy.

Lets have a quick look at some of Rahul Roy Movies:

  • Aashiqui -1990
  • Pyaar Ka Saaya –¬†1991
  • Baarish – 1991
  • Junoon –¬†1992
  • Sapne Sajan Ke –¬†1992
  • Ghazab Tamasha –¬†1992
  • Dilwale Kabhi Na Hare –¬†1992
  • Jaanam –¬†1992
  • Pehla Nasha –¬†1993
  • Gumrah –¬†1993
  • Phir Kabhi –¬†1999
  • Tune Mera Dil Le Liya –¬†2000
  • Afsana Dilwalon Ka –¬†2001
  • Bipasha ‚Äď The Black Beauty (film) –¬†2006
  • Naughty Boy –¬†2006
  • Crime Partner –¬†2010
  • Ada‚ĶA Way of Life –¬†2010
  • 2B or not to B Nikhil –¬†2015

Rahul Roy Bigg Boss 1

Actor Rahul Roy won the first ever Bigg Boss season 1 which was hosted by Arshad Warsi. This season started for the first time in India in the year 2006.

Bigg Boss Winner Rahul Roy

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Rahul Roy Biography, Age, Weight

Lets have a quick look at all the important Rahul Roy Bio:

  • Born: February 09,1966
  • Birth place: New Delhi
  • Father Name: Deepak Roy
  • Mother Name: Indira Roy
  • Wife: Rajalakshmi (2000-2014)
  • Age: 51 Years (in 2017)
  • Height: 5‚Ä≤ 10‚Ä≥
  • Weight: 74kg
  • Occupation: Actor, Model
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Eye Colour: Black

I hope you liked this post about Rahul Roy wiki who was the Bigg Boss Winner and an amazing model. Do checkout our more post which are about Bigg Boss 11 contestants, Bigg Boss 11 News and Bigg Boss season 11 eviction etc.

Vikas Gupta Bigg Boss 11: Wiki, Biography Personal Details, Age, Height

Hey, Friends, Searching to find information about Vikas Gupta? Who is Vikas Gupta? Here we will answer each and each question regarding Vikas Gupta.

Even as we’ve interest in knowing about all the contestants of all Bigg Boss 11, you must be searching for Vikas Gupta Wiki, Vikash Gupta Biography, Vikash Gupta personal details, Vikash Gupta age, Vikash Gupta manufacturer, Vikash Gupta Bigg Boss 11, Vikash Gupta details.

Before we begin you want to understand a few reasons for Bigg Boss 11, the very first issue is that at Biss Boss 1 1 there’s yet another decorate is inserted to create the series more interesting and this really is ‘Padosi’.

In Bigg Boss 11 we’ve got total few kinds of individuals and also they truly are Commoners, Celebrity, along with Padosi. Thus, without wasting time let us get going doing the Bigg Boss 1 1 most contentious contestant at your home.

Vikas Gupta

We’ve covered up each and what about most covered up Bigg Boss 11 contestant Vikas Gupta. Vikas can be really a famous face from the tv business, Vikas Gupta has functioned to get famous shows such as Gumrah, Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan, also MTV’s Webbed. He also has worked as the creative mind from Balaji Telefilms.

Vikas Gupta: Wiki, Biography Personal Details, Age, Height

Vikas Gupta Education and Career

Vikas Gupta started his original career as a visual artist at 2010 and he then started running on one other endeavor that is a humor show where he also noticed.

If you really don’t understand allow me to let you know that he’s a trainee occupation from the favorite new Balaji Telefilms, after a few days, he’d got a callback from the business and he started working like an innovative mind in Balaji Telefilms.

At the starting of this series, Ekta Kapoor informs concerning the Vikas Gupta as well as also other television stars additionally need him best of luck to the series. This means Vikas Gupta features a more profound relationship with television market.

Vikas Gupta and Parth

There are many rumors that Vikas Gupta had a boyfriend named Parth Verma.

Here in the below pic you can see both of the guys having pleasure times.

But recently we got to know that their is some legal issue going between both of them as Parth has registered a case on Vikas for molestation.

Check Who Will Win Bigg Boss 11

Vikas Gupta Biography & Personal Details

Name Vikas Gupta
Date of Birth 7 May 1987
Age 30 Years
Hometown Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Current Home Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Height 5″8′
Nationality Indian
Hobbies Writing
Marital Status Married

Vote Vikas Gupta:

You surely know this contest, Yes He is¬†“Master Mind”¬†Vikas Gupta. He runs his mind 10 times faster than other contestats of Bigg Boss 11.


He doesn’t have many fans following like other contestants. So if you like this contestant or it is your favorite contestant then you can Vote Vikas Gupta through our link which is given below.

If you vote then maybe he will be safe in the Elimination round….

   VOTE Vikas Gupta

Here are the other contestants of Bigg Boss 11:

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Hina Khan Bigg Boss 11: Wiki, Biography, Personal Details, Age, Hot Pics

Hina Khan can be really a remarkably common girl whom you’ll want to be observed as Akshara in ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ serial. However, you may be ready to be conscious of Hina Khan’s Biography, personal Details, Age, Height, Weight, Hot pics/photos plus a whole lot more.

We at Bigg Boss wondered why don’t you talk about every single every detail regarding her so that you receive considerably more acquainted with your favorite celebrity.

Hina Khan entered Bigg Boss house for a star contestant and combined other 17 contestants of all Bigg Boss season 11.

She was also noticed in Bigg Boss 10 as a unique guest in ‘Salman Ki Sabha’. Lately, she had been noticed at Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 8 that stopped only 1day until Bigg Boss season 11 started.

Who is Hina Khan?

hina khan bigg boss

Hina khan bigg boss

Hina is an Extremely Understand Ray Lady who Left it into the Major 50 Sexiest Asian Ladies List by Easter Eye. She’s mostly famous for her spectacular part in Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

Hina Khan came to be on second October 1987 and comes from Jammu & Kashmir.

She started his acting career in ’09 with Ye Rishta Kya kehlata h and stopped in 20-16 to pursue different endeavors.

She’s got an enormous fan following due to her astonishing personality in television serials. She’s a huge number of social networking followers.

Hina Khan Early Life

Hina khan pics

Hina khan pics

Hina Khan is popularly referred to as beauty with wisdom from her youth. She had been a really bright student in her faculty.

She transferred to Delhi to get studies and completed her instruction in the private school from Delhi.

Though she had been intended to take work, her fate did not need that. She has selected as an air hostess, so transferred into Mumbai to your job. But soon she endured Malaria and had to leave her air-hostess trained in between.

Afterwards, she strove to get an ad commercial simply for pleasure also then landed her into Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata h each soap.

Therefore, this really is the way you have your favorite television celebrity.


Bigg Boss contestant Hina khan is a member of a Muslim living.

She’s a brother and incredibly adoring parents. Hina Khan transferred to Mumbai due to her job along with after her family also starting coping with her at Mumbai.

Her family may be the largest motivation and supporter of her.

Hina Khan’s Achievements and Wiki

You could certainly be surprised to understand that Hina Khan is just one of those highest-paid television actresses in India and fee around 1 lakh each incident. Before she came to notice due to YRKKH at ’09, she had been noticed at consecutive Kayamth to get a brief function.

Besides her outstanding acting skills, she’s well known for her beauty and provoke. People of each era like to see her serials and praise her.

She had been having been doing very amazing in Khatron Ke Khiladi and it has also won many awards.

Hina Khan Biography, Age & Personal Details

Here are some quick details about Hina that you would surely like to know:

Name Hina Khan
Date of Birth 2nd October 1987
Hina Khan Age 30
Place of Birth Srinagar, J&K
Nationality Indian
Height 5″4′
Weight 55 KG
Figure 34-28-34
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Skin Tone Fair
Marital Status  Unmarried
Boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal
Hobbies Music and Cooking
Zodiac Libra

Hina Khan Boyfriend/Husband

Hina Khan boyfriend

Hina Khan boyfriend

Hina Khan is not married but as per some pictures, we came to know that she has a boyfriend named Rocky Jaiswal.

She has been dating Rocky for a very long time and they have spent many day on various foreign trips.

Here are a few pics of Hina with her boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal.

Vote Hina Khan

As you know, Hina Khan has started moving her mind very fast. And she has also got many contests out from her master tricks.


If you still love this contestant and want to give your Vote to Hina Khan then you can easily do it here. All you need to click on the below button of Vote Hina Khan. This link forward directly you to our Voting Page of Bigg Boss 11.

ANd if you think, that according to you Hina khan is playing her game better than other contestants in the house. And you always want to give your precious vote to Hina Khan then just click below.

   Vote Hina Khan

Hina Khan Hot Pics/Photos

There are many people who like to see Hina Khan hot pics, images, sexy photos, beautiful photos, and images. So here are some very awesome pictures of her.

Hina khan hot pics

Hina khan hot pics

Hina khan sexy pic

Hina khan sexy pic

Hina khan pics

Hina khan hot photos

Hina khan hot photos

Hina khan hot image

Hina khan hot image

So these were hot and sexy Hina khan images and photos which you can share with your friends as well.

Here are the other contestants of Bigg Boss 11:

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Brief About Hina Khan

Hina Khan¬†is a very popular girl whom you must have seen Akshara in ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai‘ serial. But you might be willing to know about Hina Khan’s Biography, personal Details, Age, Height, Weight, Hot pics/photos and much more.

So we at Bigg Boss thought why not share each and every detail about her so that you get much more familiar with your favorite star.

Hina Khan entered Bigg Boss house as a celebrity contestant and joined other 17 contestants of Bigg Boss season 11.

She was also seen in Bigg Boss 10 as a special guest in ‘Salman Ki Sabha’. Recently, She was seen in Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 8 which ended¬†just 1 day before Bigg Boss season 11 started.

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Shilpa Shinde: Biography, Wiki, Husband, Age, Height, Pics, Personal Details

Shilpa Shinde:¬†Hey Guys, You must surely be knowing about “Angoori Bhabi”, right?

So Today, I will be telling you each and everything about Shilpa Sinde who is one of the most famous TV actresses of all times. She has successfully ruled the heart of millions in India through her TV serial “Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain“.

Recently, Shilpa Shinde has joined Bigg Boss 11 show where she has become one of the most appreciated contestants. So I thought why not share all the tit and bits like Shilpa Shinda Wiki, Shilpa Shinde Biography, Shilpa Shinde Age, Shilpa Shinde husband, Marriage, Height, weight, family and other personal details.

Who is Shilpa Shinde?

Shilpa Shinde is one of the most finest TV actresses who has¬†done several tv¬†serials and got huge fame with “Bhabhi Ji Ghar par Hain”. Bhabhi Ji serial used to air on SAB TV and was a family show.

She didn’t only appear on TV serials, she also did many Tamil movies. She has a huge fan following among youth as well as in elder people. Her acting and beauty resulted in a huge social media following in India.

shilpa shinde

So Let me give you much more details about Shilpa Shinde Family, Profession, Marriage, Age and much more.

Shila Shinde Life

Shilpa Shinde was born on 28th August 1977 in Mumbai. She completed her schooling in a Private school in Mumbai.

Later she completed Graduation in Psychology from a Government college in Mumbai. After finishing her education she tried her luck in Tv serials.

She got her first serial in 2001 which was “Kabhi Aaye Na Judai” and her first Movie was “Chinna“(a Tamil Movie).

Shilpa Shinde Affiar and Marriage

shilpa shinde husband

Shilpa Shinde was known for an affair with her co-actor “Romit Raj”, the couple got engaged and was living a very happy life and were planning for marriage.

But suddenly they broke and canceled the marriage. Since, then she never had any affair with anyone and has been living a single life.

So right now she is single and Unmarried!

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Shilpa Shinde Serials & Professional Life

Shilpa Shinde has worked in number TV serials and Movies. Here is a glimpse of all the creative work she has done in her life.

  • She started her career with the serial – ‚ÄúKabhi Aye Na Judaai‚ÄĚ was air on Star Plus in the year 2001-2003.
  • She also played a role in the serial “Meher” in which she acted as Meher. It was aired on DD National for two years i.e. 2001-2002.
  • Then she played the role of Chitra in the serial Sanjeevani which aired on Star Plus between 2002-2003.
  • She did various other serials around 2002 like Miss India as Sanjana Gujral, Amrapali and Hari Mirchi Lal Mirchi.
  • Shilpa Shinde appeared in Bhabhi as a negative role where she played Manju. This role was appreciated by a huge audience.
  • She even showed her negative side in serial Bhabhi. Shilpa played the role of Manju in the serial; her negative side is still recognized by many.
  • Later, she also appeared in a number of serials and got fame through her characters.
  • Then see good a huge audience with the serial “Chidiya Ghar” in 2011.
  • After that, she was seen as a lead actress in the serial “Laptaganj” in the year 2013.
  • The turning point of her life came in March 2015, with the serial “Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai“. She got a huge appreciation for her role fo Angoori Bhabhi. People used to literally leave all their work to watch that amazing serial.
  • Later she left the show because of some controversy with Vikas Gupta.
  • Now Shilpa Shinde is seen in the Reality TV show “Bigg Boss Season 11”.

Shilpa Shinde Biography

NameShilpa Shinde
DOB28th August 1977
Age40 years
Height5 feet 4 inches
DebutChinna (Tamil Movie)
Known asAngoori Bhabhi
HobbiesReading, Traveling, and Singing
SalaryRs. 35000/Episode

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Shilpa Shinde Hot Pics

Here are some hot pics of Shilpa Shinde that you might like to see:

shilpa shinde hot pics

shilpa shinde hot pics

shilpa shinde sexy pics

shilpa shinde sexy pics

shilpa shinde hot photos

shilpa shinde hot photos

Shilpa Shinde in Bigg Boss 11

shilpa shinde bigg boss 11

Shilpa Shinde is seen as a very strong contender of Bigg Boss season 11. When Shilpa came to Bigg Boss house, she instantly had a huge fight with Vikas Gupta with who she had the previous controversy.

Vikas Gupta was really tortured by Shilpa but later they both ended their fight and lived peacefully in the house.

Till now Shilpa has done a really great job in Bigg Boss house and it is speculated that Shilpa Shinde could be a winner of Bigg Boss 11.

Vote Shilpa Shinde:

As you know, that from the beginning of Bigg Boss 11, Shilpa Shinde is playing her best game in the house. And She also controls her anger easily. Not only this, she gives good performance in each and every one task.

So, if you love this contestant or if this contestant is your favorite contestant in Bigg Boss 11 house then you can easily vote Shilpa Shinde through our link which is given below.

If you are thinking that shilpa shinde is playing better than other contestants. And if you also think that, this contestant has the ability to become a winner so you can vote for this Contestant and save them from elimination.

   Vote Shilpa Shinde

What do you think, can Shilpa Shinde be a Winner of Bigg Boss 11? Do comment below!

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Lucinda Nicholas Bigg Boss 11: Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Hot Pics

Bigg Boss has started, so do the craze about the contestants. Everyone wants to know about all the confirmed contestants of Bigg Boss 11.

This season of Bigg Boss is based upon Padosi.

There are 4 people who are called as Padosi and one of them is the hot sensation, Lucinda Nicholas.

After seeing Lucinda on show, people were really excited as they would get to see a beautiful girl on the show now ūüėČ

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Who is Lucinda Nicholas in Bigg Boss 11?

Lucinda Nicholas bigg boss 11

Lucinda Nicholas bigg boss 11

Lucinda is a very popular Australian Model. She has done many films in Australian.

She has already started her Bollywood career and was last seen in the movie ‘Guest in London’. That movie started Paresh Rawal, Kartick Aarya, and Kriti Kharbanda.

She has been in India for more than a year and teaches Yoga aswell.

If you have noticed, she was there in the famous song of Akshay Kumar ‘Party All Night’.

Despite being raised up in Australian culture, she is quite good in Hindi as well.

Without waiting any further, lets checkout her personal details and wiki of Lucinda Nicholas who has just joined Bigg Boss 11.

Lucinda Nicholas Wiki Details

  • Name:¬†Lucinda Nicholas
  • Place of Birth: South Australia
  • Year of Birth: 1990
  • Age: 25years
  • Height: 5‚Äô9‚ÄĚ
  • Hobbies: Dancing, Acting
  • Profession: Modelling
  • Weight: 48 KG

Lucinda Nicholas Hot Pics

Everyone likes Lucinda because of her charming appearance. Lets have a look at some hot pics of Lucinda.

Swimming about ?? Beautiful LA

A post shared by Lucinda Nicholas (@lucinda_nicholas) on

Dubai it's been real… next stop #LALALAND #Dubai ‚úąÔłŹ #LA

A post shared by Lucinda Nicholas (@lucinda_nicholas) on

Lucinda Nicholas bigg boss

Lucinda Nicholas hot pics bigg boss

These were some Hot pics of Lucinda Nicholas who just joined Bigg Boss 11.

Lucinda Nicholas Personal Profiles




So this is for today!! I hope you really liked this information about Lucinda and her hot pics.

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