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Bigg Boss Tamil Vote: Vote Here & Save Your Contestant

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote: Vote Here & Save Your Contestant
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Bigg Boss Tamil Vote: Hey friends, Are you one of the biggest fan of Bigg Boss Tamil? Do you want to save your favorite contestants from getting evicted? Do you want to do Bigg Boss Vote Tamil and save contestants?

If yes, then you are at the right place as here you will get complete information of Bigg Boss Tamil Vote. Not only this, you can do Bigg boss Tamil Live voting here on our page.

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Polls

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Polls

Not only this, we are also going to share the procedures and ways on how to vote in Bigg Boss Tamil 2 so that you can make your favorite Tamil 2 contestant win the show of Bigg Boss Tamil 2 by live voting or online.

Vote & Save Now!
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Bigg Boss Tamil Vote 2018

If you are a great fan and follower of Bigg Boss Tamil then you must have been aware of the fact that Bigg Boss Tamil 2 is around the corner and show is going to be commenced within few months. All of us are going crazy and we seriously can’t wait for the show to get started.

Bigg Boss Tamil 2 Online voting

Bigg Boss Tamil 2 Online voting

But the real excitement will increase when your favorite contestant will make his/her place in the house till the last and win the great show. So, the only way to save your contestant from eviction is Bigg Boss Tamil live voting them consistently but also, we get confused so many times as there are so many websites that give the info of how to vote in Bigg Boss Tamil 2. But wait, many of them are not authentic.

So, to ease the way for you in the ways of Bigg Boss Tamil 2 vote I am giving you the most authentic information on all the related queries. So guys check out all the details that you need to vote for your favorite contestant and save them. Because Bigg boss Tamil is giving you an opportunity to save your favorite contestant from elimination.

Best Ways of Voting in Bigg Boss Tamil Vote

Now without any further ado, let us see the ways and procedures on how to vote in Bigg Boss Tamil 2. Firstly, let me tell you that there are 4 ways of Bigg Boss Tamil live voting.

Bigg Boss Tamil 2 voting

Bigg Boss Tamil 2 voting

  • By our provided link.
  • By Voot App.
  • By Voot Website.
  • By missed call voting.

For Missed Call Voting you can vote your favorite contestant with the help of their miss call number. The miss call numbers of each Bigg Boss Tamil 2 contestant are given below.

ContestantMiss Call Number/CodeStatus
Aishwarya DuttaUpdated SoonIn the House
Shariq HassanUpdated SoonIn the House
Nithya BalajiUpdated SoonIn the House
Mamathi ChariUpdated SoonIn the House
Thadi BalajiUpdated SoonIn the House
MumtajUpdated SoonIn the House
RiythvikaUpdated SoonIn the House
SendrayanUpdated SoonIn the House
Ramya NSKUpdated SoonIn the House
Ananth VaidyanathanUpdated SoonIn the House
Janani IyerUpdated SoonIn the House
RJ VaishnaviUpdated SoonIn the House
Daniel Annie PopeUpdated SoonIn the House
Mahat RaghavendraUpdated SoonIn the House
PonnambalamUpdated SoonIn the House
Yaashika AanandUpdated SoonIn the House

Also, the voting is done for the purpose to save the most favorite contestant of the majority of the people. Each contestant has a particular unique code so that there could be no confusion for the viewers to cast their vote in Bigg Bogg Tamil 2.

Each week 4-5 contestants are nominated by the housemates in the nomination process and one is finally get evicted from the show who get the least live voting Bigg Boss Tamil.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 Live Voting:

As we already discussed that there are 4 ways to Bigg Boss Tamil 2 voting. So here we will discuss all the 3 ways individually:

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote by our provided link:

  • First, all you need to click on Bigg Boss Tamil 2 Voting Here
  • Then, after a page will appear in which all the name of the contestants will appear.
  • After clicking on the contestant whom you want to save from eviction, then click on “Vote Button”
  • That’s it! Your vote has been Submitted by us.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote By Voot App:

Bigg Boss Voting on Mobile Voot App

Bigg Boss Voting on Mobile Voot App

  1. First of all, install Voot App from your google play store.
  2. Now, You just need to select Bigg Boss.
  3. Then, you’ll get Bigg Boss Tamil Voting option for Season 2 just click on it.
  4. Now, it will show you the contestants image that is nominated in recent week.
  5. Just click on your favorite contestant whom you want to save.
  6. Now, click on the “Submit” button
  7. That’s it!! your vote has been accepted.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote By Voot Website:

Voot Bigg Boss Vote

Voot Bigg Boss Vote

  • First of all, you need to visit Voot Website from here.
  • Then, you’ll get a search bar. Type Bigg Boss Tamil there.
  • Now you have to log in using your Facebook Profile, or Gmail ID.
  • Now, all you have to click on the contestant that you want to save from eviction.
  • Then, click on the “Submit” button.
  • That’s it!! Your vote has been submitted.

How to do Vote Bigg Boss Tamil by Missed Call Voting Process:

It is one of the oldest methods from which you can cast your vote to your favorite contestants and save them from eviction. All you have to do is to dial a voting number along with their respective code and give a missed call. That’s it your vote will be submitted.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote call number

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote call number

So these are the listed ways on how you can vote in Bigg Boss Tamil 2. These ways are pretty easy and you can vote your favorite contestant to save him/ her from eviction and make this super show win.

And if you want some more Updates about Bigg Boss Tamil 2 voting and news then don’t forget to visit

About Bigg Boss Tamil

Now, before we move ahead with the procedures on how to vote in Bigg Boss Tamil 2 let me give you a short glimpse of the idea behind the show.

Bigg Boss Tamil is a Tamil-language version of the reality TV programme Bigg Boss broadcast in India. It follows the Big Brother format, which was first developed by Endemol in the Netherlands.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2

Kamal Haasan hosted the first season of Bigg Boss Tamil on 9:00 PM (IST). launched on 25 June 2017 on Star Vijay Edhilum Pudhumai Tamizhan Perumal. Contestants are nominated every week by their housemates. Viewers cast their vote in favor of the contestants they would like to save from eviction. Each viewer is entitled to 50 votes per day. The contestant with the least number of votes is evicted from the house.

The first season of Bigg Boss Tamil was hosted by Kamal Hassan with the total number of 19 housemates. However, the show had a finale episode on 30 September 2017 and the winner was Arav.

Hope you are now able to vote your favorite candidate of Bigg Boss Tamil show by using Missed call method or Google search voting. Make your loving contestant win with your anonymous votes. If you had queries regarding the voting, let us know from the comment section down below.

I hope you really liked this amazing article about Bigg Boss 2 Tamil Vote, Bigg Boss Tamil Vote, Vote Bigg Boss Tamil or Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Polls. If you liked then must share this article with your friends so that your friend also vote their favorite contestant.

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