Bigg Boss Voting – Bigg Boss 12 Vote Online Process [With Results]

Bigg Boss Voting: Hey, guys if you are searching for the Bigg Boss 12 Voting. And want to know about How To Vote in Bigg Boss 12 Season or Bigg Boss Vote. Are you looking for the Bigg Boss 12 Voting Polls?

If yes, then you are at the right place as here I’ll provide you the Voting Polls of Bigg Boss Season 12.

However, Voting online is not that easy but we at Bigrealityshow make everything easy for you especially ‘Bigg Boss Voting Polls‘. Moreover, If you are the one who is searching for Bigg boss 12 Voting lines and want to know about Bigg Boss 12 Voting Polls online

Bigg Boss 12 Voting Polls

Bigg Boss 12 Voting Polls

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Who Won Bigg Boss 11?

Who Won Bigg Boss 11?
  • 50% - ( 96 votes )
  • 20.83% - ( 40 votes )
  • 29.17% - ( 56 votes )

Click on the “Red Bell Icon” on the right side to get Voting Polls updates before it is announced by Salman.

If yes, then you are at the best place for this information. Here I will give you all the details that you need to vote for your favorite contestant and save them.

Not only this, Here we will also do regular Bigg Boss season 12 Voting Polls so that you will get the results without even waiting for Weekend Ka Waar.

Bigg Boss 12 Voting Online?

There are 3 Ways to Vote for Bigg Boss 12:

  • Through Voot Mobile App
  • Through Voot Website
  • On Our Site Below

But before you checkout the process of voting, let’s have a look at some other information of Voting in Bigg Boss. For those who are new to Bigg Boss Season 12, I would like to give you a brief introduction to the Voting system in Bigg Boss. Actually, Voting is a way to save a Bigg Boss Contestant from Elimination.

The Game of Bigg Boss works on Elimination where one person is eliminated from the show every week. Around 3 to 4 contestants are evicted every week and you have to vote via SMS to save your favorite contestant. The contestant with the lowest votes is eliminated and has to leave the beautiful house of Bigg Boss.

Moreover, Every Contestant in BB house has a specific code using which viewers cast their vote everytime. I hope now, you would have understood the exact meaning of Bigg Boss 12 Voting. Hot Picks:

Bigg Boss Voting Polls: Vote Online Now To Save Contestant

Now, Let’s talk about Bigg Boss 12 Voting Polls.

You must already know what are polls, if not, then do not worry, I will tell you each and everything. Every week Voting Polls i.e. Views cast their vote for the contestants. The contestant with huge Bigg Boss Voting Polls is saved.

Bigg Boss Season 12 Voting Trend for this Week:

Millions of People cast vote on our site and hence you can get an idea of who will be saved and who will be eliminated this week.

So, If you want to know who will be eliminated this week even before Salman Khan announces it, then you must have a look at our site every day. In this way, you can show your Swag to your friends that you already know about Bigg Boss Voting results and BB 12 Voting Trend.

If you want to vote for your favorite contestant then there are two ways of doing that. I will tell you both the ways right here.

How To Vote in Bigg Boss 12 Online?

Voting for your most loved contestant of Bigg Boss 12 is very simple and easy. You can easily do bigg boss 12 voting online within seconds. Steps to Vote for Bigg Boss 12 Contestants Online:

  1. Visit Voting Page of Bigg Boss 12 Here
  2. Now you have to login using your Facebook Profile, or Gmail ID.
  3. If you do not have any of the above-given id’s, then you can create a new Id.
  4. Now, Just click on the Contestant whom you want to save and Click “Submit
  5. That’s it! Your vote has been cast.

Note: You will not be charged any money for casting Bigg Boss 12 Voting Polls. I hope you must have easily understood this way to vote and save your favorite Bigg Boss season 12 Contestant.

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting – Check Now

How To do Bigg Boss 12 Vote by SMS?

If you do not want to go to the website or the App of Bigg Boss, then you can directly vote for your favorite contestant by sending a SMS on their code. However, This year you can not vote for your favorite contestant though Voting by SMS. Supporting your favorite contestant by SMS will cost you Rs.3 while if you vote Online then it will be FREE.

Bigg Boss 12 Vote Lines

Every week when a contestant is evicted for the nominations then they get ac hence to save themselves by asking views to vote for them. So, Ever week voting lines of Bigg Boss 2018-19 are opened so that you can vote and save the contestant you love the most.

Voting Lines of Bigg Boss 12 will be open for 6 days and you have to vote within that only otherwise voting lines will be closed. So if you want to vote then make sure to cast your votes before Bigg Boss 12 Voting Lines are closed.

Bigg Boss Voting Season 12 Result

Once all the votes are cast and all the votes are counted by the Bigg Boss Team, then the final Bigg Boss 12 Voting Result is announced. Salman Khan announces the voting result every Sunday and that person has to leave Bigg Boss House.

You will also get to see the result of Bigg Boss 12 voting for every elimination at this page as well. So, Bookmark this page and keep coming back for more information and entertaining updates.

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Bigg Boss vote/voting Hindi

Many people search for Bigg Boss Vote Hindi or Bigg Boss Voting Hindi. So I thought why not to tell you also about Bigg Boss 12 Voting Hindi. In this voting polls, all the things are similar. Don’t confuse we don’t provide you any different post in Hindi.

तो आप अपने पसंदीदा प्रतियोगी को बचाने के लिए वोट करे हमारी साइट पे ताकि वोह शायद फाइनल का विनर भी बन जाये.

Bigg Boss Voting Online site

So, I hope by now you must have understood where and how you have to vote for your favorite Bigg Boss 12 Contestants. You can save any one if you want to, all you need is just support them and make them BB 12 Winner. same time.

This is the Best way or site for Bigg Boss 12 voting are: Voot App and ColorsTV website. However, BiggBossLive.in is a great Bigg Boss Voting site where you can easily get to see the Polls and Bigg Boss 12 voting results at this the complete package website where you will get all the information regarding Bigg Boss 12.

So make sure to visit our site daily to get instant updates.

I hope you liked this post and if you did then don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also all your questions regarding Bigg Boss 12 Voting Lines 2018, Bigg Boss 12 Voting Results, Bigg boss voting, Bigg boss voting polls, Bigg Boss 12 Voting Polls 2018, Bigg Boss 12 Lines and Voting Trend etc are cleared.

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting will start soon!

Now without wasting any further time, just start with Bigg Boss 12 voting for your favorite contestant and make him the proud winner of the show.

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