Bigg Boss 11 Task 1 Revelead: Share the Secrets of Padosi - BIGG Reality Show

Bigg Boss 11 Task 1 Revelead: Share the Secrets of Padosi

Bigg Boss 11 hasn’t even started yet and it is already making headlines in all the news sites.

As per the new promos of Salman Khan hosted Bigg Boss 11 we got to know that this year BB theme would be ‘Padosis‘. i.e. Neighbours.

Salman Khan Bigg Boss 11

Salman Khan Bigg Boss 11

Now here comes the twist,

According to the reports, this season of Bigg Boss will be completely different from the previous ones. The first task would be keeping an eye on the neighbors and giving information to Bigg Boss.

The contestants have to get friendly or date with each other and give secret information to BiggBoss.

Also, we got to know from our sources that, The Bigg Boss House will be divided into two blocks. Each block will have a celebrity and a common man paired together, thus living together.

Now inorder to live their life in Bigg Boss house, they have to complete the various task. Since the theme is ‘padosi’, Spying is the common thing and this is what the task will be all about.

Once the task start and so do the spying, the contestant who leaks the maximum number of secrets will get reward and advantages.


In another task, couples would be dating secretly. Couples who aren’t caught by other contestants would get privileges while those who fail, get punished.

Rest we need to stay tuned with Bigg Boss 11 News and watch Bigg Boss regularly to get full entertainment.

I hope you would be equally excited as I’m for Bigg Boss to start.

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