Bigg Boss 11 House Pics: Latest Images of Bigg Boss 11 Revealed

Hey Guys, Are you a fan of Bigg Boss 11? Do you want to get a sneak peek of Bigg Boss 11 house Pics? Are you looking for Bigg Boss 11 House Images? Do you wish to have a look at the house of Bigg Boss 2017?

If yes, Then Congrats because you are at the right place as here I will tell your a few things about Bigg Boss House and show latest images of Bigg Boss 11 House.

Bigg Boss is one of the Biggest Reality Tv Show of India and over the period of last 10 years, it popularity has increased. In season 10 of Bigg Boss, the show was very popular and everyone wanted to have a look at Bigg Boss house.

So I though why not show you some pictures of House of Bigg Boss season 11. I hope you would like these images fore sure.

Bigg Boss House Pics/Images

Let me tell you a few things about Bigg Boss house first. Bigg Boss House is made every year with a New theme and then Contestants come to live here. Contestants have to do various task in Bigg Boss house itself and win them.

Bigg Boss 11 House Pics

Complete house of Bigg Boss 2017 is under full surveillance of Cameras and thus we see whats happening in the house.

Bigg Boss House is very well maintained and has all the amenities like:

  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 2 Toilets
  • Kitchen
  • Dinning Room
  • Swimming Pool
  • Garden Area
  • Gym Area
  • Discussion Room
  • Common Area
  • Secret Room

So, Overall Bigg Boss 11 house has everything that is required by people to live a home. You can do anything anytime you want.

However, Their is another Stage outside the Bigg Boss house where Salman Khan hosts the Show.

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Bigg Boss 2017 Images/Photos

Now, Lets check out beautiful images of Bigg Boss 11 Home. You will surely like these images, don’t forget to comment below about the looks 🙂


Bigg Boss 11 House Pics




Bigg Boss 11 House Address

House of Bigg Boss 11 is situated in Lonavala, Pune, Maharashtra. This is a place where every year a new set is formed with new interiors.

All the contestants are brought to this house to live together until they get eliminated.

Bigg Boss 11 House Location Maps

Bigg boss 11 google maps

Bigg boss 11 google maps

This is the Bigg Boss 11 House Location on Google Maps

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