Bigg Boss 11 Eviction/Elimination Today: Priyank Sharma is Eliminated Today

Bigg Boss 11 Elimination Today: Hey Bigg Boss 11 Lovers, I know you all must be very curious to know about who got Eliminated from Bigg Boss Today? What are the results of Bigg Boss 11 Eviction Today?

Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss season 11 has started and 1st nomination has been done on Tuesday(10/03/2017).

Moreover, If you are a fan of Bigg Boss then Click on the “Red Bell Icon” to get Voting and Eviction updates in advance.

So Today, Hiten or Priyank gets evicted from Bigg Boss House. Tomorrow we will get new Nominations, so stay tuned with us.!

This week Nominations are:

Here I will tell you all about Bigg Boss 11 latest Eviction process. I will add names of all the Bigg Boss 11 contestants who will be evicted every week. Not only this, I will also add about all the Bigg Boss 2017 eliminations under one roof.

Bigg Boss 11 Eviction

We all know that every week task takes place and then 3-4 people are nominated for eviction. Then viewers cast their votes through Voting polls to save their favorite contestant. The person with the lowest votes is eliminated and has to leave Bigg Boss 11 house.

So, Here you will updates for all the eviction that takes place in Bigg Boss 11 for every week till the Final winner is decided. This page will be updated weekly when the Nominations are decided and a contestant is eliminated from BB11.

Bigg Boss 11 Eviction Today

First of all every week I will add Bigg Boss 11 Nominations and then I will update the post with Bigg Boss 11 Evicted person. Sounds Great!! This means you will get all the information about Bigg boss 11 Nominations and Eviction or Elimination at this page.

Sounds Great!! Right!

Bigg Boss 11 Nominations of this Week

Evicted/Emilinated Contestants:

Eviction Week No.Contestant Name
1st WeekZubair Khan & Priyank Sharma
2nd WeekSshivani Durga
3rd WeekLucinda Nicholas (Ejected)
4th WeekNo Eviction Because of Diwali
5th WeekJyoti Kumari
6th WeekDhinchak Pooja
7th WeekSabhyasachi and Mehjabi Siddiqui
8th WeekBenafsha Soonawalla
9th WeekSapna Choudhary
10th WeekBandagi Kalra
11th WeekNo Eviction
12th WeekHiten Tejwani
13th weekPriyank
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Bigg boss 11 nomination

Bigg boss 11 nomination

Bigg Boss 11 All Evictions:

Here We will regularly Update all the Evicted Contestants of Bigg Boss 11.

sapna chaudhary eviction


Shilpa shinde Shilpa Shinde

Shivani durgah evicted         Shivani durgah

Akash dadlani evicitcion

Akash dadlani

Jyoti kumari

Priyank sharma eviction

Priyank sharma

 mehjabiMehjabilucinda evictionLucinda

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Check Wo Will Win Bigg Boss 11

Who Will be evicted this Week from Bigg Boss 11?

All the fans and viewers of Bigg Boss 11 Live are waiting to who will be evicted this week from Bigg Boss 11 house. The four contestants who under-performed and failed to impress other Bigg Boss housemates are in danger of elimination. They might be thrown out of Bigg Boss house this weekend.

One all the votes are counted, then Salman khan will tell the person who will be in Bigg Boss 11 eviction. When Salman khan takes the name of the person who has got less votes and is eliminated, then that contestant has to leave Bigg Boss house and come out.

That moment when a housemate leaves the house is really very sad for most of the people. So, Do save your favorite contestant by voting for them.

Do tell us what do you think about who will be eliminated this week from Bigg Boss?

Let’s see how you can save a contestant from Elimination or Eviction in Bigg Boss 2017 this week.

The winner of Bigg Boss 10, Manveer Gurjar won because of viewers voted for him. So, If you want your favorite contestant to Win, then do vote for him/her.

Trending Today:

How to Save Contestants from Eviction or Elimination 2017?

If your favorite contestant is in Danger of Eviction today and do not want them to leave Bigg Boss house, then you have to vote for them.

Voting for your most liked contestant is very simple and easy. You can cast a vote for any nominated contestant Online as well as through SMS.

Save from Bigg Boss 11 Eviction Today by SMS

If you want to save your loved contestant from elimination today, then you can send an SMS at their code and they might stay in Bigg boss house for a longer period of time.

To save a contestant in Bigg Boss Elimination Today, just follow the below given steps:

  1. Go to Message Box
  2. Create a New Message
  3. Now, Enter the ‘Contestant Keyword’ and send it to 56882

Note: You will be charged Rs.3 per SMS. Take the keyword from above given table.

Salman Khan Bigg Boss 11

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Save from Bigg Boss 11 Eviction Today Online

If you do not want to spend any money then also you can save your loved Bigg Boss 11 contestant from getting eliminated from the reality show. You can cast your vote online within a few seconds today itself.

How to Save from Bigg Boss 11 Elimination Online:

  1. Visit Voting Page of Bigg Boss 11 Here
  2. Just login using your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail etc.
  3. Now cast your vote for the contestant whom you want to save.
  4. That’s it! You just supported your favorite BB 11 contestant.

Note: You will not be charged any money for casting Bigg Boss 11 Voting Polls online.

I hope you liked my post about Bigg Boss 11 Nominations, Bigg Boss 11 Eviction and Bigg Boss 11 Elimination today.

Don’t forget to comment below to whom will you save this week. Also, vote in the above-given voting panel to the contestants who are nominated.


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