Bigg Boss 11 Episode 1 2nd October Written Updates: Live Feed

Bigg Boss 11 Episode 1 2nd October Written Updates: Live Feed

After a long time of waiting, we finally have the new Bigg Boss season 11 here, and our time slots for 10.30 PM have been fixed now for the show. Salman Khan brought back the show with a blast last night, making the premiere a memorable watch. The show appears to be much crispier, with TV producer Vikas Gupta and TV Actress Shilpa Shinde already hitting the ground running on the stage of the show itself. And now, let’s get to the first episode of the show, right here below:

Day 1
Neighbors say rapper Aakash will keep everyone entertained. Mehjabi says Arshi is Priyanka Jagga. Luv says Puneesh thinks he will rule but how? why are we here? Sabyasachi says he sat like he owns everything. Luv says I will take him on.

Arshi asks Zubair what happened in his marriage? Zubair says they lied from start, I didn’t know about her family, her aunt got us married, there was no family of hers there, it was close family gathering.

Vikas says to Hiten that they come in with minds filled. Hiten says they drink in old seasons. Vikas says I didn’t know about Shilpa, she will stress everyone. Hiten says Arshi, Shilpa.. this is all going to be my God. Hiten says it will be fun, they laugh.

Puneesh asks if Arshi is going in Jacuzzi, she says why not. Zubair says this girl is going to stress people, she is trying to seduce, they have brought unique characters.

Shilpa says to Benafsha that Vikas accepted he wanted me to sit at home. He thought he wouldn’t let me work, he stressed me so much. Vikas comes there and says you think people don’t know me, that’s your thinking and I dont care about that, people know your reality, I can tell what all you have done. Shilpa says tell them, Vikas says she signed exclusive with one channel and wanted to work on some other channel too, she got double money, I offered her more. Shilpa says you are a liar. Vikas says you are a liar thats why we had to throw you out of show. Shilpa says you threw me? you gave me an option. All are watching them. Zubair says they are fighting like dogs and monkeys.

Bandagi says you cant call people like that, there are ladies here too, you have no shame to use right words, this is not your home. Zubair says you carry your character but let Zubair like he is, he shouts on her. She says dont shout like that on girls. Zubair shouts to not irritate him, Hiten asks him to calmly. Zubair says I am telling everyone that I dont interfere but dont pester me. Bandagi leaves. Hina comes to her and says people will curse here but you are not in your house, you have to be strong, he used crude language. Puneeesh asks Zubair to not curse like that. Zubair says if you curse then I will curse too. Bandagi says to Hina that many weird people are here. Puneesh says I curse you if you try to use it on me. Zubair takes off his mic and says come on me, I will take on with you, you have no guts to even stand infront of me. Hiten asks them to calm down, he asks Zubair to wear his mic.

Day 2
All inmates wakes up to mere saamne wali khidki mein song. Neighbors dance in their house while inmates enjoy too.

In afternoon, Bigg boss gives a task to neighbors. As per instructions, food will remain in main house and neighbors can call main house and ask for anything from inmates, it depends on inmates if they want to entertain your wishes of food or not.
Neighbors call main house. Bandagi takes call, Sabyasachi asks her to prepare food for six people, she says okay and ends call. She tells it to inmates. Inmates start cooking and says this will be difficult. Hiten says there are not even spoons present here. They prepare food and sent it to store room. Neighbors call again. Vikas takes call. Luv says you sent food but didnt send spoons. Vikas says we will send it, Luv says this is last time we are accepting mistake. Vikas asks to talk like neighbors and if you talk so much then dont give anything. we are preparing food for you but behave, Luv asks him to just send spoons and dont do mistake again, Vikas asks him to remain in limits, we will send it.

Priyank is cleaning kitchen with Benafsha. Benafsha says only few people are working, Priyank says those who want to survive till last will work.

Zubair talks to Hina. Hina says what happened earlier, it was off beat, I made Bandagi understand that every kind of people will be here. Zubair says there is a dialogue in my movie that we were born in gutter, played in mud and became fighter after fighting with life. Hina nods.

Bigg Boss says to neighbors that there is a story you have to follow. There was a head Siddiqui of house who died and you all are his relative and fighting for his property, you all four are fighting cases in real life too. There are instructions for you and how you are going to be his relative. Sabyasachi brings it. Luv reads that he is gay, Sabyasachi is his first boyfriend, and now you are related to this case, you and Luv like each other too. Mehjabi is Luv’s mum. Lucinda is relative too. Bigg boss says till you reach house, you all have to fall in these characters, you have to make a story that all think is real, remember to remain in characters. Luv says they made us gay, I am worried, all laugh.

Neighbors rehearse. Mehjabi acts like Luv’s mom and says to Sabyasachi that I dont like you, he says then close your eyes. Luv says we are on TV mum. Sabyasachi says this is our personal life. Mehjabi says Luv son listen. Sabyasachi says you were a mama’s boy, still want to go to her then go. Mehjabi laughs. Luv says we have to practice.

Inmates shout neighbors who are you? Inmates gets cake from store room, all are excited to see it. Its Hina and Benafsha’s birthday, she jumps up and down with excitement. Benafsha thanks for sending it. Everyone wishes her. Vikas says its her birthday so you have to get it, he smears cake on her face and says happy birthday.. she says jerks.. phone rings. Luv is on call. Hina takes call.Luv says Hina happy birthday. Hina says thank you, he asks to give

Luv says Hina happy birthday. Hina says thank you, he asks to give call to Benafsha. She takes it, Benafsha asks if he wants cake? Luv says no just wanted to wish happy birthday, share your cake, he ends call. Benafsha says he said he doesn’t want cake, how sweet. All resign to go to sleep for the night.

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