This is Arshi Khan's 'Pune-Goa' connection which has tears in her eyes - BIGG Reality Show

This is Arshi Khan’s ‘Pune-Goa’ connection which has tears in her eyes

This is Arshi Khan’s ‘Pune-Goa’ connection which has tears in her eyes

Salman Khan’s ‘Big Boss-11’ Controversial Model:- Actress Arshi Khan has been heading the limelight since the very first day, Khullam-Khulla Flirt with Hiten Tiwari has been picking up discussion in Arshi every episode till a dispute with almost every member of the house.

Since then, Arshi was in the headlines because of her bold image from outside the house, but now she came in the house and also got her special ‘Naityi Luk’.


Now after the entry of Priyank Sharma in the house on Friday, he is in the spotlight again after mentioning Arshi Khan’s legal matters.

Arshi Khan Photos.

Arshi Khan Photos.

In the episode of Friday’s episode, between the ongoing battle between Sapna and Arshi, Priyank told the dream that she shouted ‘Goa and Pune’ in front of Arshi and dream of listening to Priyanka dream also did the same. In such a situation Arshi was stunned and probably started crying for the first time in Bigg Boss house.

This is Arshi Khan’s ‘Pune-Goa’ connection

arshi khan pics

According to a report printed in Pune Mirror in October 2016, Pune City Police had arrested Arshi in a sex racket case. In addition to Arshi, a person named Vipul Dahal (who was said to be the agent of Arshi) was arrested.


One day after the arrest Arshi had accused the police that the police was trying to trap him to save himself. According to the Pune Mirror report, Arshi team told them that the police raided their hotel room and demanded money from them. When she refused to give money, policeman started talking to them about a sexual favor.

Arshi was also stuck in Goa’s sex racket. Although she explained to the police that he had nothing to do with it and came back to Mumbai.

Arshi khan wiki

arshi khan wiki

Let me tell you that recently Arshi Khan came to the discussion when he knew the well-known model-actress, Gehna Vashistha busted many secrets related to him.

Gahna Vashisth has claimed that Arshi Khan has lied about everything, from her age till education qualification. Gahna has alleged that Arshi Khan’s age is more than 32-33 years and she is not far from the graduate.

Gehna Vashisth has been the friend of Arshi Khan’s school. In an interview given to a website, She has said that more than 10 criminal cases have been pending against Arshi Khan, out of which two are in Pakistan, 4 are in Maharashtra and 4 are in the rest of the country.

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